Into the Depths of the Amazon 2018- Blog#1

20180502_110600When I was about 10 years old I remember being fascinated by David Attenborough’s “Life on Earth” book, the pictures of tropical islands, jungle animals, trees and plants took me on an imaginary journey across the world and into the depths of dark jungles, magnificent vistas and the lives of amazing wildlife.

I have never forgotten these dreams and throughout my life have pushed towards trying to see and experience as much of the world as I could.

Not being too good at school and more distracted by other activities and interests I didn’t pursue a career in biology, but have continued to be fascinated by the natural world and wildlife.

Next week I embark, along with a team of “Citizen Scientists” and some great scientists, on an expedition that really is the realization of a dream.

The “Into the depths of the Amazon 2018” expedition that I have set up with zoologist and entomologist Dr Ross Piper ( aims to search one of the most bio-diverse locations in the world for new species, particularly for insects and in micro- environments. I don’t know masses about this work but I am so excited to be heading of and learning tons from the participants.

My job and expertise is to set up these expeditions, make sure all the logistics are in place, and while the scientists are exploring to make sure that they are safe, but whilst there I hope to be fully involved in the research.

For me taking “normal” people to these environment means that more people can experience their dreams to visit remote places, and to be involved in exciting and interesting research. If people can touch these environments and then return home to tell their stories, they spread the word about protecting remote environments and the wildlife that lives there. This is why it is so important to communicate these wonders to wide audiences, especially school children and future generations, we were hoping to run some lessons from the jungle and beam them to classrooms around the world, with an brilliant project, but unfortunalty we couldn’t get the kit to the jungle in time!! This is something I am hoping to develop on future expeditions, and in the mean time we hope to do a bit of a tour of UK schools and groups, talking about the research and the importance of protecting remote environments, so if you know a school or youth group that might be interested let us know!

I encourage everyone to hold on to their dreams, keep them in mind and work towards achieving them, one step at a time, and they are achievable.

Over the next few weeks I will try (when possible) to blog about what we are up to and experiencing, in the mean time I’m putting the finishing touches to the packing for the expedition!!

To find out more about the expedition


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