Expedition Assemble!

So the team are starting to arrive!

A day of packing ahead, food for 11 people for 12 days on the ground, and enough kit to set up camps and undertake our science projects.


After arriving in Cusco yesterday morning Ross and I headed to the Crees Foundation offices to start checking through our kit, this also included all the ropes and equipment needed to undertake some interesting studies of the canopy using a unique piece of equipment, this is so that the canopy is more accessible for people to haul themselves into this unique environment to study the animals and insects that live there.


Once we finished we started to meet up with various team members who were trickling into the city, so by the evening 6 members of the team had arrived.

Ross was booked to do a talk at a indigiounous peoples cultural arts centre called Xapiri in the evening, so we all trooped along to hear him regal and inspire the audience with the reasons we know so little about life on earth, and talk about the work we intend to do. All expeditions need to have a legacy as well as a real purpose, so doing this talk and spreading the word may help people learn more and think more about protecting the environment.


The whole team will be assembled ( just like the avengers!) By this evening , and tomorrow we start early on the road for the 9 hour journey into the Amazon, our route takes us over the Andes mountains and down through the cloud forest to the hot jungle and our study site.

The next time you hear from me will be in a few weeks time when I will be able to talk about some of the activity we have been involved in and have some stories to tell…..!


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